NEW: The Magical Mystery Music Show


Tune in for a journey through the history of popular music
from the 1950’s to present day


Airing since February 10th 2021 on FREIRAD
>> On 2nd Wednesday from 22:00 till 23:00 <<

All music played on vinyl, no CD’s or downloads!

Every show will have a specific theme, for example:

  • Only B sides to singles
  • Music from a particular year, such as 1967 or 1984 etc.
  • Only songs from a particular songwriter, such as Neil Diamond
  • Songs in a foreign language to the original version
  • Music from a particular label, such as Stax, Apple or Brain records
  • Music from a particular country or region
  • Closing tracks from LPs
  • Only songs with a specific word in the title, such as Green or Love
  • Theme tunes
  • Plus many more…

For many songs there will be some discussion and further information to add interest, such as where recorded or guest musicians. Maybe a mention of availability these days as a vinyl and even a guide to current value of a rare record.

Some shows will include a guest who is involved in music, maybe as a musician, DJ or another role in the business. In these cases the show might have a theme appropriate to the guest.

A music show presented by Justin Barwick


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