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Radio for Free Culture from Toulouse to Innsbruck

’Pour des idées larges!‘

The ’Onde Courte‘ webradio from Toulouse (South West-France) goes FREIRAD. Onde Courte is a new tool for broadcasting initiatives that tend to promote the Free Culture movement, DIY (Do It Yourself) and social & cultural innovations of our times. Our monthly webradio programs are dedicated to local Free Culture scene, social and solidary topics.

Every month ’Onde Courte‘ will focus on one of its 30 programms and play it on FREIRAD!

Free Culture Movement

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Dienstag, den 17. September 2019

L'épisode 24


Increased humans (part 1) of Radis sound

Increased humans are still relevant. Are they hidden in superheroes and superheroes? and in mythology? Hermès is at its head ... children of the Maurice Bécanne's  school 5toulouse) brings you into their investigation, accompanied by this first part by Chloé Delacroix, sociologist of the kind of the association "Les Chemins Buissonniers".


Les humains augmentés (Part 1) de Radis sound

Les humains augmentés sont toujours d'actualité. Sont-ils cachés dans les super héros et super héroÏnes? et dans la mythologie ? Hermès n'en fait qu'à sa tête ... La classe de 6ème2 de Maurice Bécanne (Toulouse) vous amène dans leur investigation, accompagnée dans cette première partie par Chloé Delacroix, sociologue du genre de l'association des Chemins Buissonniers.