What is FREIRAD?

FREIRAD is a Free Radio with Open Access. We invite as many people as possible to bring their themes and content on air themselves. This appeal is directed particularly at individuals and groups that are largely ignored by established media. In this way we aim to counteract social marginalisation.

We offer a great variety of formats, cultures, generations and languages and see FREIRAD as a platform for information, music and experiments over the airwaves, via internet and cable.

FREIRAD is a medium for people and opinions. Critical and open. Socio-political and committed. Informative and varied.

FREIRAD provides studios and rooms for editorial work and production. We supply equipment and offer training and support.

More than 450 broadcasters regularly create over 100 programmes for FREIRAD. Their work ensures a great diversity of form and content for this station.

FREIRAD is a non-profit, non-commercial and transparent project, organised as an association and carried by the programme makers and other committed individuals.

FREIRAD is a radio without commercials, which means that the programme is created independently of the advertising industry’s priorities and without the need to pimp ratings.

FREIRAD is a member of the Verband der Freien Radios Österreich (VFRÖ). The pan-Austrian and international network of FREIRAD enriches the media landscape of Tyrol and enables all radio broadcasters to disseminate their themes far beyond Tyrol.



The Pirate Radio scene
In the late 1980s, a very active pirate radio scene sprang up in Austria. In Innsbruck, Radio Radiator went on air regularly. The radio monopoly of the ORF (state radio) was a major incentive for the pirates. Their commitment bore fruit: in November 1993, the monopoly was axed by a judgement of the European Court of Human Rights.

The association Freies Radio Innsbruck FREIRAD
The association Freies Radio Innsbruck FREIRAD was founded in the early 1990s. In the years that followed, the members pursued the implementation of a legal Free Radio for the province of Tyrol and the city of Innsbruck. Such political efforts led to a limited license for 14 ‚Radio Days‘ in1999. Two years later, the association was at last granted a radio broadcasting licence.

On 6 July 2002, the Freies Radio Innsbruck FREIRAD went on air. Since then it has become an important counterpart and an indispensable complement to public (state) and private (commercial) media and rightly calls itself the station with the widest range of opinion in Tyrol.

Principles of FREIRAD

FREIRAD is a Free Radio, i.e. an independent, non-profit and non-commercial radio station and adheres to the Charta of Austria’s Free Radios.

Anyone can broadcast on FREIRAD, as long as they do not violate any laws or the principles. We give priority to people and themes that are medially and socially marginalised.

FREIRAD is opposed to discrimination, by which we mean unequal treatment according to gender or sexual orientation, origin, religious or political views, skills, languages or age.

FREIRAD is non-commercial, does not run commercials and is funded by public subsidies, membership fees and donations. Anyone can look up on our homepage where the money comes from and how it is spent.

FREIRAD supports social and cultural development in Innsbruck and Tyrol by engaging with events and themes from other parts of Austria and the world.

FREIRAD advocates a self-determined, solidary and emancipatory society.

Give it a try – making a programme at FREIRAD

You’ve got ideas for a programme? You want to air themes that are otherwise overlooked or music that is not heard elsewhere? And you are keen on experiments?

You need no previous knowledge. There are no preconditions. In our seminars for newcomers you acquire the main technical and journalistic know-how and learn about media and copyright law. Then you present the concept for your programme to us. If your ideas are not fully developed yet, we are happy to support you in realising them. We provide you with the studio, recording equipment and cutting stations, agree on a time slot and hey, presto – you are On Air!


FREIRAD broadcasts 24/7 (366 days in leap years) and most of its programmes are produced via Open Access. It is characterised by an enormous diversity of formats, cultures, generations and languages. Such diversity is in contrast to large parts of the mainstream media landscape and comes about through you, your ideas and your commitment. This is where you can realise your idea of radio. Find your slot and the audiences for your themes: politics, education, art, culture, social issues, entertainment, generations, women, environment, health and many more!

In addition, FREIRAD’s own editorial team makes programmes on major events and for the culture and education channel KulturTon – der Kultur- und Bildungskanal as well as developing diverse innovative projects. FREIRAD sees itself as opinion-forming in cultural, social and socio-political contexts.


FREIRAD offers a variety of media-specific seminars. There is the Foundation Seminar and the Introduction into Media and Copyright Law and an annual Trainee Editorship on radio journalism. FREIRAD complements these with numerous workshops for anyone interested in working in the radio or the media. In addition to elocution and journalistic practicalities, we always endeavour to sensitise the participants to a careful and critical use of the media in general and their own programme in particular. In the trainings we offer, we work closely with educational establishments and active journalists.

You can sign up directly on our homepage or just give us a call!

In Greater Innsbruck on 105.9 MHz
Völs to Telfs 106,2 MHz
Hall i.T. to Schwaz 89,6 MHz
Worldwide via live stream on www.freirad.at

Social Media:

Freies Radio Innsbruck FREIRAD
Egger Lienz Straße 20 / Stöckelgebäude
6020 Innsbruck

Phon: ++43 512 560291-0
Mail: wir@freirad.at
ZVR 317243531


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