NEU auf FREIRAD: Bridges | jeden Dienstag | 12 – 12:30


A political and social radio program designed to be a bridge between Austrian natives and immigrants.


Sendezeiten: jeden Dienstag von 12 bis 12:30
Sendungsgestaltung: Emad Husso

The program broadcasts in English (1st half) and Arabic (2nd half) language and presents both purposive and entertaining topics. The idea of the program is to break the ice and to bridge the gap between Austrian natives and immigrants in Europe. It covers many topics like: personal stories, insight in the culture of refugees‘ home countries, information for refugees, news for/about refugees in Europe.

The key goal of the program is to increase the chances of integration between the Austrian society and immigrants by raising the level of awareness among the immigrants about asylum laws and public life in Austria to live in peace and harmony.

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