Diese Sendung ist seit dem 10. Feber 2021 im Programmschema
und läuft monatlich am 2. Mittwoch von 22:00 bis 23:00

The Magical Mystery Music Show

Tune in for a journey through the history of popular music from the 1950?s to present day.

All music played on vinyl, no CD?s or downloads!

Every show will have a specific theme, for example:

  • Only B sides to singles
  • Music from a particular year, such as 1967 or 1984 etc.
  • Only songs from a particular songwriter, such as Neil Diamond
  • Songs in a foreign language to the original version
  • Music from a particular label, such as Stax, Apple or Brain records
  • Music from a particular country or region
  • Closing tracks from LPs
  • Only songs with a specific word in the title, such as Green or Love
  • Theme tunes
  • Plus many more...

For many songs there will be some discussion and further information to add interest, such as where the songs were recorded or if there are any guest musicians. Maybe a mention of availability these days as a vinyl and even a guide to current value of a rare record.

Some shows will include a guest who is involved in music, maybe a musician, DJ or another role in the business. In these cases the show might have a theme appropriate to the guest.

A music show presented by Justin Barwick

MacherIn: Justin Barwick

MMMS_logo1 by Justin Barwick Pic by Justin Barwick