LISTEN – Learning Intercultural Storytelling

Ein Sendung des Verein Multikulturell mit Partnern aus Deutschland, England, Griechenland, Italien und Österreich, genauer gesagt aus Innsbruck.

Ausgestrahlt am 24.01.2018

About the training course:

The LISTEN training course will be held from January 22nd til 26th at the premises of the Verein Multikulturell in Innsbruck, Austria.

The LISTEN training course will be held with 20 trainers, counsellors and social workers from UK, Greece, Sweden, Italy, Austria and Germany, who work with refugees and other persons who were forced to leave their countries and to migrate to Europe, and who are interested in storytelling and broadcasting techniques.


Verein Multikulturell

MacherIn:  Ovagem Agaidyan


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