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Reading Circle

The reading group of some 30 members founded by Andrew and Sandra Milne-Skinner is now in its third year. Each month we meet in a member’s home to discuss a contemporary book in English, usually a novel.

In this monthly radio programme 3 or 4 of us get together in the studio to discuss  the book of the month by sharing impressions and insights.


MacherIn: Sandra Milne-Skinner, Andrew Milne-Skinner

Speziell zur Sendung am
Dienstag, den 07. April 2020

Edward Snowden: 'Permanent Record' (2019)

George, Tom, Sandra and Andrew discuss Edward Snowden's extraordinarily courageous book 'Permanent Record', a most revealing autobiography, published in 2019. What led him to be the most outspoken whistleblower ever?

We discuss his childhood, upbringing, his sense of patriotism, his schooling, how he became a highly skilled Internet systems engineer ... and how he was indoctrinated: obliged to lie, conceal, dissemble and dissimulate. But then, feeling the integrity of his soul was being compromised, he broke with the System and went public about how the US government was exercising mass surveillance. What mattered to Snowden, he writes, was not himself, but rather the subversion of American democracy.

He writes: "Authoritarian states are typically not governments of laws, but governments of leaders, who demand loyalty from their subjects and are hostile to dissent."

Leaders like those two cunning, corrupt confidence-tricksters, those clownish con-men....Trump and Johnson?

"Liberal-democratic states, by contrast, make no or few such demands, but depend almost solely on each citizen voluntarily assuming the responsibility of protecting the freedioms of everyone else around them, regardless of their race, ethnicity, creed, ability, sexuality or gender."

Music played:

  1. Born in the USA (Bruce Springsteen)
  2. This Land is Your Land (Woodie Guthrie)
  3. The Star-Spangled Banner (Jimi Hendrix)
  4. Wasn't Born to Follow (The Byrds)
  5. I'll Be There (The Four Tops)

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