Diese Sendung ist seit dem 12. Juni 2014 im Programmschema
und läuft monatlich am 2. Donnerstag von 13:06 bis 14:00
und monatlich am 4. Donnerstag von 13:06 bis 14:00
und als Wiederholung monatlich am 3. Freitag von 11:06 bis 12:00
und als Wiederholung monatlich am 1. Freitag von 11:06 bis 12:00


You enjoy listening to poems? Responding to them? Discussing them? Even analyzing them?
On every second and fourth Thursday, at 13.06, we do precisely that in a series of programmes, in English.
For example, we read poems by Roger McGough, Liverpool pop poet of the 1960s and now the presenter of BBC Radio 4' s popular request programme 'Poetry Please'. And yes, we too at Freirad hope that you will ask for particular poems to be read and discussed.

A taster? Here's a short poem by Roger:

Once upon a love
we spent our nights
blowing kisses across
the pillow
now we spend them
throwing plates across the kitchen

We hope your relationship is not quite like this! Mind you, it is said to be an old story: "It starts when you sink into his arms, and it ends with your arms in his sink."

We'll also be listening to pop songs and talking about them. After all, so many poems are singable. Take Leonard Cohen, for example. Also, many English composers (eg. Benjamin Britten) set poems to music.

In our programmes we will also be running a Poetry Workshop. Here you can learn how to actually write poems. In fact, we will be running a Poetry Competition.

So, "Turn on, tune in and drop out", as the 1960s guru Timothy Leary said!

MacherIn: Andrew Milne-Skinner, Sandra Milne-Skinner

Speziell zur Sendung am
Freitag, den 01. März 2019

Mary Queen of Scots
Texts read and music played:
  1. H.W. Meikle: The Story of Scotland
  2. Marion Angus: Alas! Poor Queen
  3. Pierre de Ronsard: Ode a Cassandre
  4. L'Amour de Moy (16th.c. French song)
  5. Joachim du Bellay: To the Queen of Scotland
  6. Mary Queen of Scots: The Absent One
  7. Claudin de Semisy: Tant que vivray (As Long as I Live)
  8. Rev. J.A. Carruth: Farewell Tribute of the Fairest to Fair France
  9. James Ballantine: Mary's Farewell to France (sung by Flo MacDonald)
  10. Alexander Scott: Welcome, illustrat Lady and our Queen
  11. John Knox: Railing against Mary
  12. Pierre de Chatelard: If thy doom be  flame...
  13. Liz Lochhead: Mary Queen of Scots Got her Head Chopped Off
  14. Lord Darnley: If langour makis men licht...
  15. Theodor Fontane, on the death of Riccio
  16. Felix Mendelssohn: at the Palace of Holyrood, July 1829...
  17. Felix Mendelssohn: Andante con moto (opening movement of Symphony no. 3, 'Scottish')
  18. William Shakespeare: from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'
  19. From an anonymous Ballad
  20. Mary Queeen of Scots:  (a sonnet to Elizabeth): A longing haunts my spirit...
  21. Friedrich Schiller: from Maria Stuart (confrontation scene)
  22. Donizetti: from Maria Stuarda (confrontation scene)
  23. Elizabeth I of England: The Daughter of Debate
  24. Mary's speech in her own defence at her Trial
  25. Mary's final words (in Latin) on the scaffold
  26. Robert Burns: Lament of Mary Queen of Scots
  27. Henry Purcell: Remember Me...but ah! Forget my fate, from Dido and Aeneas


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