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Reading Circle

The reading group of some 30 members founded by Andrew and Sandra Milne-Skinner is now in its third year. Each month we meet in a member’s home to discuss a contemporary book in English, usually a novel.

In this monthly radio programme 3 or 4 of us get together in the studio to discuss  the book of the month by sharing impressions and insights.


MacherIn: Andrew Milne-Skinner, Sandra Milne-Skinner

Speziell zur Sendung am
Dienstag, den 04. Mai 2021

'Never Let me Go' (2005), Kazuo Ishiguro

Kathy, Ruth and Tommy grew up together at Hailsham, a seemingly
idyllic school deep in the English countryside, with a dreadful secret
at its heart. Now 31, Kathy attempts to come to terms with her
childhood at Hailsham, and with the fate that has always awaited her
and her closest friends in the wider world.

Maria, Sandra and Andrew discuss this highly controversial and
challenging novel. We discuss the background, characters, plot and
themes of the novel.

Why do the characters not rebel from their claustrophobic world, where
they are entrapped? Why is the narrator limited in her scope and
unreliable? What are the implications of the novel for our world

Music played:
1. Schubert: String Quartet, 'Death and the Maiden', D810, 2nd movement
2. Julie Bridgewater: 'Never Let me Go'
3. Schubert: Piano Sonata D959, 2nd movement: Andantino, played by
Alfred Brendel

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